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1st Birthday Card Wording Ideas

A sweet year of blessings and fun, baby's turning one!


Planning your baby's first birthday celebration can be fun! View our various first birthday verses for ideas and themes. Baby's first birthday is a memorable time in every parent's life, a first birthday celebrates the special day your baby arrived into the world, commemorating every precious milestone during their first year of life. Each family celebrates in their own unique way, planning a simple backyard pool party or an all out birthday bash celebrating with many friends and family. We also offer first birthday party ideas and tips here and help you create photo invitations for fun and easy first birthday parties!


1. Come to my first party, celebrate a bit, see my first cake, I'll be wearing it!

2. A little cake, a lot of fun, a little host who's turning ONE!

3. A year's gone by, how time has flown! We can't believe how (name)'s grown! 

4.(He) (She) is such a joy and so much fun! Our (name)'s turning ONE!

5. One little candle, one little cake... Pleas come help us celebrate!

6. Time flies when you're having fun! Please join us to celebrate as (name) turns ONE!

7. A year of laughter, joy and fun.. Help us celebrate as our baby turns one!

8. Come to my party, celebrate a bit, see my first cupcake, I'll be wearing it!

9. We're blowing up balloons and icing the cake, there's a first birthday party we hope you can make!

10. Balloons, rides, cake and more..There's sure to be fun galore! Please join for (name)'s 1st birthday party!

11. He's (she's) really cute and so much, our (name) is turning one!

12. I learned to laugh and crawl, then sit and stand. Now I can walk if you hold my little hand..but the fun has just begun. Look out world, I'm turning ONE!

13. A year of precious moments, new and fun.. Our little prince/princess is turning one!

14. Join us for a hooting good time and fun, our little (name) is turning one!

15. She's/he's cute, sweet and so much fun! Our little cupcake is turning ONE!

16. We can hardly believe a year has passed, our little (name) has grown so fast! Join us for some cake and fun, let's celebrate as our baby turns one!